Best Pizza in Rossville (Reviews)


Using the highest quality and freshest ingredients, with authentic Sicilian Recipes, see what our neighbors think and why we are truly rated the best pizza in Rossville.

- By Janet Y on Google

Mama Mia has one of the best pizzas on Staten Island. They use quality ingredients from top to bottom. The pepperonis are thicker cut than the usual thin ones that shrivel into salty paper in the oven. The cheese has a nice bite and compliments the delicious sauce that serves up the right balance of sour, sweet, and depth. I've been here a few times and the crust is guaranteed crispy on the bottom, chewy in the middle and chewy on the end. You just know that the dough was perfect. Every bite is a burst of umami layers complimenting each other that showcases the owners' experience, skill and technique.

- By Mike B on Google

Pizza is excellent!!! Top notch ingredients!!! In my opinion one of the best pizzerias on staten island.. definitely the best in the area.

- By Tom C on Google

Tried a few different slices, all 3 were delicious. Honey white was very tasty. The Grandma with Pesto was very good. The Vodka was very flavorful and crunchy. Mario the owner was very nice and friendly.

- By Donald G on Google

Great pizza sauce, friendly and accommodating to preferences. Mario, the owner, is friendly and respectful. Best pizza in the neighborhood, hands down. Crispy sauce is on point, and pepperoni is cupped and overflowing on each slice. Go there, you will not be disappointed.

- By Justin R on Google

Best pizzeria in the neighborhood, hands down. The sauce is absolutely delicious and the dough is better quality than most places. The owner Mario has been doing this since he's a kid, it's safe to say he's a true pizzaiola

- By Angie B on

The pizza was delicious I can honestly say this is the BEST pizza around. I have tried many places since I moved to this area and this one is the best.

- Angie C.

I booked a paintball session for my son & his friends nearby. Being the responsible parent I am, I wanted to make sure to feed the boys after a 3hr session of burning so much energy. After Yelping for pizzerias I settled on Mamma Mia. Don't let this pizzeria in this quiet neighborhood fool you because the pizza is one of the best. The sauce, the cheese, the crust all perfectly delicious!!! I stopped in to order a few pies & wings for the boys & ended up getting 1 slice separately. When I returned my order was just finishing up. One of their customers I think was super nice & ended up opening the door for me while I balanced 3 pies walking to my car. Really delicious pizza, friendly service & customers. My new fave pizza on SI.

- Glen L.

Been looking for a decent local slice. Been living here since 1987. This place used to have different owners and it stunk. When I saw the reviews of the new place I decided to try. Excellent regular NY slice of pizza and so convienient right up the block. FINALLY!!!

- Dennis R.

A Really good local spot their fresh muzz pie awesome only thing is it's sauce in a good way one of the best pizza places in ny

- Baked Z.

Mamma Mia!!! what a pizza Mario can make. He's the best in the business with excellent service.

- Ganesh M.

Great Pizza, delicious crust, perfect combination of sauce and cheese, which makes a delicious slice. Definitely recommend this place in Staten Island above any other.

- Briana N.

Honestly ... this is probably one of the best pizzas I've had ! There white slice is unreal ! This place is a gem !